Where and when can I buy tickets?

The events page on our website has direct links to buy tickets through our ticketing partner DICE. If you’re having trouble or have questions please email us at Info@ElktonMusicHall.com and we’ll be sure to do everything we can to help.

You can also buy tickets in person at our Box Office. The Box Office is open:

Tuesdays 9AM-Noon
3PM-Close on any day there is a show

What is DICE?

DICE is our ticketing partner that is the source for tickets to all of our shows. Our top priorities are that pricing is upfront and clear, and that tickets are easy to buy and easy to use. With DICE, the price you see listed is the price you pay for your ticket, no surprises. Tickets are mobile, which means there is no need to print anything out or remember to bring something to the show except your phone. It also means tickets can’t be bought up and resold at marked up prices. All of that helps us keep ticket prices down and make sure fans have the best chance to get tickets to their favorite shows.

How does DICE work?

When you go to our events page, you will see shows listed with their ticket prices. You can click to select and purchase tickets. Once you complete your ticket purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email immediately (try checking your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it). Tickets will be delivered later via the DICE mobile app about an hour before doors open the day of the show (no PDF or paper tickets will be sent). See below for Will Call information if you prefer not to use the app.

How do DICE mobile tickets work?

If you have the DICE app (which we highly recommend), head to your Tickets tab in-app and tap on any of them to see your order. In order to combat scalping, the QR code that gets you into the show won’t appear until an hour or two before doors open the day of the show.

You can also transfer tickets to others through the app or join a Waitlist for shows where tickets have sold out.

Got tickets and can’t make it anymore? DICE processes returns if your ticket type is sold out and there is a waitlist. Head to your Tickets and open your ticket – if you can see the option to Return Tickets, just follow the instructions. Your tickets will be offered to the first fan on the DICE Waiting List. If they accept the tickets, DICE will process a refund within 5-10 working days. Please note: returns cannot be guaranteed.

How do I create a DICE account?

It takes less than a minute. Visit dice.fm in your browser and click “login”, or you can download the app on the App Store or Google Play. Simply enter your phone number, tap a few buttons and you’re in.

Do I need the DICE app? Can I get an old fashioned paper ticket?

While we highly recommend the app, if you like to keep it old school, we’ve got you.

You can buy tickets in person at our Box Office.

The Box Office is open:

Tuesdays 9AM-Noon
3PM-Close on any day there is a show

You can also buy the ticket online but not use the app to store your ticket, just come to Will Call the night of the show and you’ll be all set. If you have questions or need any additional information, please reach out to Info@ElktonMusicHall.com.

Will Call

Will Call tickets will be available 30 minutes prior to doors opening and throughout the show. Please see our door staff upon your arrival and/or look for the appropriate signage. You will need to present a photo ID matching the name on the ticket order to pick up tickets.

If you have questions or need any additional information, please reach out to Info@ElktonMusicHall.com.

What if the event is cancelled or rescheduled?

In the event of a cancellation or postponement, refunds will be available and all ticket buyers will be contacted with additional information.

Is there an age limit for shows?

All of our concerts are 21+ events at this time.

Do I need any ID to enter the venue?

Yes, at all times. ID’s will be checked at the door before entry. Expired ID will NOT be accepted. Bartenders can recheck ID at their discretion.

When do your doors open?

Most of the time the doors will open an hour before showtime. Come on in, grab a drink, and find your perfect spot for watching the show.

What time will shows start?

Doors will typically open around 7pm and shows will usually start around 8pm, but these times will vary for some events.

Please check your ticket or the events page before you arrive for the details of the specific show you’re attending.

So what's the seating situation?

Seating for our shows is set up specifically for the show. Some are fully seated, some are primarily standing room, while others are a hybrid of seating and standing. Even the shows that are primarily standing room though will have seating available for those that need it. If you click on the event you are interested in coming to there should be a description of the type of seating scenario in either the “About” section, the ticket description, or both.

If you have any special accessibility needs please reach out to Info@ElktonMusichHall.com prior to the show so we can work at best serving you.

Where can I park for shows?

That one is easy. There is parking everywhere. There is a lot directly behind the Music Hall, ample street parking, and multiple municipal lots within a block or two. To make it even easier, here’s a map with all the parking areas highlighted.

Is Elkton Music Hall ADA Accessible

Our venue is ADA compliant and all public areas are on the first floor. Our staff is available to help in any way during your visit. If you have any special accessibility needs please reach out to Info@ElktonMusicHall.com prior to the show so we can work at best serving you.

Payment options while at the hall

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Do you serve food?

We do not, but you’re in luck because some of our awesome neighbors definitely do! Come early and grab something to eat before the show!

What types of drinks are available?

We offer something for everyone including craft and domestic beers on tap and in cans, cocktails, wine and non-alcoholic beverages including n/a beer, mocktails, and soda.

Do you have a lost & found?

If you’ve left your credit card, umbrella, jacket or any personal item at the venue, promptly email us at Info@ElktonMusicHall.com All items must be picked up in person. Please have a valid ID for credit cards.

Are you hiring?

You can check out the employment page for details (coming soon).

We will be and will announce open positions via email, Facebook and Instagram, so we encourage you to sign up below and follow us.

Who do I talk to about playing there?

One of the reasons we started this venue was to give local artists a cool place to play. Send us a note at Booking@ElktonMusicHall.com with a link to your website, Bandcamp, Spotify, or wherever you might have some tunes for us to listen to.

How do I get the latest updates and information?

Join the mailing list and follow us for all the latest updates, info, and miscellaneous hijinx!

I have other questions not covered here!! What should I do?!?!

First, calm down. It’ll be ok. We see you. We hear you.

As we get closer to opening we’ll be updating this section with ever more relevant and expansive questions. ie. Can I smoke inside the venue? No. Can I bring my pet Capybara? Most likely no, but let’s talk. Etc.

If you just can’t wait to ask your burning question feel free to reach out at Info@ElktonMusicHall.com

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