Ric & Katie Cunningham - Elkton Music Hall - Cecil County, Maryland

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi! We are Ric & Katie and we are super excited to have you join us at Elkton Music Hall soon and say hi! (You may have to repeat yourself to Ric, he blew out his ears playing in Punk bands in his younger days).

We live here in Cecil County with our three kids, a very anxious dog, and a cat who gets no attention and has never been fed…ever (according to him).

Growing up in Colorado (Katie) and West Virginia (Ric) we miss mountains and hills, but love being on the water and are happy to call this place home.

Music is something we all love and it’s a big part of our life. Playing music constantly, late night karaoke sessions on weekends (sorry not sorry to our neighbors), and going to concerts as much as possible makes up a good portion of our life (well, until our life became about opening a music venue).

We are thrilled to be doing what we can to bring more music to this area and look forward to spending time with all of you at Elkton Music Hall!

-Ric & Katie

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